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New View of the DP Center


As the recession engulfs many U.S. businesses, the efficiencies of data processing are increasing in importance. The typical company is going ahead with plans to expand or further optimize its DP capabiliites. Recent estimates by International Data Corp. show purchases of DP equipment are now expected to be 14% ahead of 1974.

This information will come as no surprise to the DP manager who has had an uphill fight convincing his management of the indispensible power of the computer. But it does indicate an increased awareness on the part of management that an effectively operating DP center can hold one key to profit or loss in a tight economy.

The increasing importance of DP within each company also carries with it an obligation on the part of users and vendors. Both will have to regard the DP center as a profit center that can be held accountable for its results, much like a manufacturing division.

Along with this concept goes a responsibility for vendors to optimize performance and avoid the impulse to oversell equipment that is much greater than the customer needs.

For DP staff members, it means more effective coding of programs, less wastefuI procedures and a more smoothly functioning DP center.

These may sound like idealistic goals for everyone concerned. But when the specter of economic recession os gone, it may turn out the DP center was directly responsible for fostering a corporate upturn.